“Radio hooks and fun, intelligent lyrics!” describes Aspera according to Jon Flanagan, founder of Radio and Retail Promotions and formerly with A&M, EMI, Capitol, and Columbia Records. When people listen to Aspera, they hear complex guitar lines, an airtight rhythm section, and catchy vocal harmonies in a sensitive yet aggressive genre of indie/rock/pop. Filmmaker Tom Zambeck, who has been dubbed the new Hitchcock by many authorities, comments that Aspera’s music has “…. that primal energy…”

Aspera songwriter and lead man Nate Martin states, “When people ask me about my influences, I put it like this: Nirvana made me want to pick up a guitar and be a rock star. Green Day showed me that you could write simple songs and make them sound really good and catchy still. Finally, Phish made me want to become a better musician and to think more creatively when writing music.” Guitarist and vocalist J.J. Gibaud comments, “When I was younger, the first time I heard Metallica, it changed my life. When other people hear me play, I think they might hear some kick ass heavy metal, some slow ass Weezer, and some in-the-middle ass Incubus.”

Nate, with three other Troy, Michigan high school buddies, formed Aspera the band in the nineties. Settled deep within the heart of their music, Aspera’s intense juxtaposition of hooks, lines, and sinkers provides a unique audio experience, and the band quickly began to develop a devoted following in the Detroit metropolitan area because of it.

Aspera’s story is like the urban legend that most aspiring bands believe in, but which rarely comes true. Talented young kids become hooked on music and learn the guitar. They group together socially and begin forming bands and writing music. One of them, Nate Martin, is interested enough to send a demo tape to that rare thing these days, a truly independent record label which develops new talent, S.V.R. Records, Inc. in Michigan. S.V.R., having been in business since the early 1960s, likes what it sees and hears and embarks on a meticulous selection and recording of the band’s tunes, sparing no effort in the album’s development. During this time, the band’s popularity increases as Aspera plays numerous Midwest venues including The Atlantis Music Festival, Paychecks, Bookies, The Berkley Front, The Emerald Theatre, Joe Kools, The Belmont, The Cadieux Café, The Magic Stick, and The Gathering Place, among others.

All of this now culminates with the band’s first commercial full album release, the self-titled album ASPERA, which is being launched with a national radio campaign this summer.