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  1. Funky New Satan

From the recording Funky New Satan


Open the sky, see evil die.
Why did I give that early goodbye?
Was it a blue moon hit me too soon?
Jammed out hate singing a new tune.
I got this aching feeling, hit he ceiling, skin is peeling
Stop calling nobody’s home.
Figure it out you gotta leave me alone.

I gotta free my mind and soul.
That’s why I’ve got to let you go.
I gotta free my mind and soul.

Put me down hold me to the ground.
Just want to jump and run.
Putting it on me let me be.
God I wish the pain was done.
I gotta break the noose and let my body loose.
If heaven’s what you gave to me,
Let me burn in hell.

Chorus 2x

Yea, I’m a knocking on your door.
Yea I want your hand and knees on the floor.
Yea I’m the one you’re looking for.
Want it, you need it but you can’t believe it.
I gotta free this mind and soul.

Chorus 2x